Monotype series numbers

All Monotype typefaces were given a series number, and were referred to exclusively by that number in the works. Printers tended to know them by their names, while caster and keyboard operators would often know both.

SeriesFaceCommentsYear of ManufactureNotes
1Modern (No.1)Roman and Italic1900Miller & Richard
2Old Style (No.2)Roman and Italic1901Stephenson Blake
3Antique Old Style (No.3)Roman and Italic1902Miller & Richard
3Old Style Antiquesee Antique Old Style1902Miller & Richard
4Gothicsee Grotesque Condensed1902Miller & Richard
4Grotesque CondensedWithdrawn in 19671902Miller & Richard
5AlbionRoman1902Miller & Richard
6Ionicsee Modern1907Miller & Richard
6Modern (No.4)Withdrawn in 19671907Miller & Richard
7Modern Extended (No.1)Roman and Italic1902Miller & Richard
8Old Style CondensedWithdrawn in 19671903Stephenson Blake
9Antique Latinsee Latin Antique1902Miller & Richard
9Latin AntiqueRoman1902Miller & Richard
10RonaldsonRoman and Italic1902American Type Founders
10Ronaldson Old Stylesee Ronaldson1902American Type Founders
11Grotesque Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967
11Grotesque Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 19671908
12ClarendonRoman1903Miller & Richard
13Modern Condensed (No.1)Roman and Italic1903Caslon
14Modern Condensed (No.2)Roman and Italic1903Stevens, Shanks & Son
15Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.2)Roman and Italic1902Miller & Richard
15SansUSerifsee Grotesque Bold Condensed1902Miller & Richard
16Modern Wide (No.1)Roman and Italic1903Miller & Richard
17Cushing (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967
17CushingWithdrawn in 19671903American Type Founders
18Modern Wide (No.2)Roman and Italic1903Miller & Richard
19ElzevirRoman and Italic1904American Type Founders
20Old Face (Special)Withdrawn in 19671903Caslon
21De Vinnesee De Vinne Condensed1905American Type Founders
21De Vinne CondensedWithdrawn in 19671905American Type Founders
22SchoefferWithdrawn in 19641907American Type Founders
23Iroquois CondensedWithdrawn in 19641907American Type Founders
25Modern Wide (No.3)Roman and Italic1903
26Modern Wide (No.4)Roman and Italic1903Miller & Richard
27Neo Didot (Cyrillic)
27Neo DidotRoman and Italic1904
28Wittenberger Fraktur1904Schelter & Giesecke
29Wittenberger Fraktur Halbfette1904Schelter & Giesecke
30Modern Wide (No.5)Roman and Italic1904Miller & Richard
31Armin FrakturWithdrawn in 19721904Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger
32Armin Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19721904Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger
33Grotesque Condensed (Cyrillic)
33Grotesquesee Grotesque Condensed1905American Type Founders
33Grotesque Condensed (No.2)Roman1905American Type Founders
34Armin Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19671904Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger
35Neue SchwabacherWithdrawn in 19721904Berthold
36Neue Schwabacher HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19721904Berthold
37Bamberger FrakturWithdrawn in 19671904Series 31 extended
38Fraktur ReichsdruckereiWithdrawn in ?1906Copyright
39Modern Condensed (Cyrillic)
39Modern Condensed (No.3)Roman and Italic1907Genzsch & Heyse
40Kasseler Fraktur1905Gottfried Böttger
41Kasseler Fraktur Halbfette1905Gottfried Böttger
42Albion (Cyrillic)
42Albion (No.2)Roman1906
43Old Facesee Scotch Roman1906Miller & Richard
43Scotch RomanWithdrawn in 19671906Miller & Richard
44French Round Face (Cyrillic)
44French Round FaceRoman and Italic1906Deberny
45Old Face StandardWithdrawn in 19671906
46Old Facesee Scotch Roman1907Miller & Richard
46Scotch Roman (No.1)Roman and Italic1907Miller & Richard
47Regensburger FrakturWithdrawn in 19671906
48Bamberger Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19641907Series 34 extended
49Bamberger Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19671906Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger
50Old Style CondensedWithdrawn in 19671907Miller & Richard
51Grotesque (Cyrillic)
51Grotesque (No.2)1910Miller & Richard
52Half Fat Modern Mediaevalsee Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
52Mediaeval Modern Half Fatsee Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
52Modern Mediaeval (HalfUFat)see(Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
52Schurmann Antiqua HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1967
53Bold Facesee Old Style Bold1911L.M.C. (No. 79J)
53Old Style Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic1911L.M.C. (No. 79J)
54Italic Displaysee Modern Bold Italic1911
54Modern Bold ItalicItalic1911
55Gloucester Bold Italic (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671911
55Old Style Italic Displaysee Gloucester Bold Italic1911
56Kölner FrakturWithdrawn in 19721911
57Kölner Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19641911
58Kölner Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19721911
59VeroneseWithdrawn in 19671911J. M. Dent
60Antique Latinsee Latin Antique1911Series 9 condensed
60Latin Antique (No.2)Roman1911Series 9 condensed
61Solis FrakturWithdrawn in 19671907Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger (Typograph No.1)
62Solis Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19641907Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger (Typograph No.6)
63Albion (Cyrillic)
63Albion (No.3)Roman1908
64Moderne FrakturWithdrawn in 19721908
65Neo Didot (No.2)Roman and Italic1908
66Moderne Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19721909
67Mediaeval Old Stylesee(Old Style1908Ferdinand Theinhardt
67Old StyleWithdrawn in 19671908Ferdinand Theinhardt
68French Old Style (Cyrillic)
68French Old StyleRoman and Italic1908Gottfried Böttger
69French Old Style Bold (Cyrillic)
69French Old Style (HalfUFat)see French Old Style Bold1908Gottfried Böttger
69French Old Style BoldRoman1908Gottfried Böttger
70Albion (Cyrillic)
70Albion (No.4)Roman1908
71DidotRoman and Italic1908Firmin Didot
72Egyptian ExtendedRoman1909Linotype
73Gothic Extendedsee Grotesque Bold1909
73Grotesque Bold (No.3)Roman1909
74Albion ExtendedRoman1909Fonderie Turlot
74Antique Extendedsee(Albion Extended1909Fonderie Turlot
75Modern Wide (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 19671909
75Modern Wide (No.6)Withdrawn in 19671909
76French Face ExtendedWithdrawn in 19671910Fonderie Turlot
77Modern Extended (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 19671909
77Modern Extended (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671909
78Antique Latinsee Latin Antique1909
78Latin AntiqueRoman1909
79Modern Condensed No.4Withdrawn in 19651909
80Modern (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671909Stephenson Blake
81Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.3)Roman1910Miller & Richard
81SansUSerifsee Grotesque Bold Condensed1910Miller & Richard
82Typewriter (No.1)Roman1911I.T.F.
82Typewriter UnderlinedRoman1911I.T.F.
83Wurzberger FrakturWithdrawn in 19721909Genzsch & Heyse
84Antique Latinsee Latin Antique1910Miller & Richard
84Latin Antique (No.4)Withdrawn in 19671910Miller & Richard
85Gaelic Display1910
86Moderne SchwabacherWithdrawn in 19721910
87Moderne Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19671910
88Mediaeval Modernsee Modern Mediaeval1910
88Modern MediaevalWithdrawn in 19641910
89Neudeutsche FrakturWithdrawn in 19671910
89Fraktur Antiquasee Neudeutsche Fraktur1910
90Greek: Upright (Greek)1910Schelter & Giesecke
90Upright Greeksee Greek Upright1910Schelter & Giesecke
91Greek: Inclined (Greek)1910Schelter & Giesecke
91Inclined Greeksee Greek Inclined1910Schelter & Giesecke
92Greek Upright Display (Greek)see Greek Bold Upright1910
92Greek: Bold Upright (Greek)1910
93Moderne Schwabacher HalfbetteWithdrawn in 19721910
94Große Moderne FrakturWithdrawn in 19671910
95Modern (No.5)Withdrawn in 19671910Genzsch & Heyse
96Grotesque (No.3) (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 19651910
97Grotesque Bold (No.2) (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967
97Gothic Widesee Grotesque Bold
97Grotesque Bold (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671910
97Wide Gothicsee Grotesque Bold1910
98Alte Monotype FrakturWithdrawn in 19721911Offizin W. Drugulin
99Gloucestersee Gloucester Old Style1911Caslon
99Gloucester Old StyleRoman and Italic1911Caslon
100Typewriter (No.2)Roman1911
100Typewriter UnderlinedRoman1911
101ImprintRoman and Italic1912In house (w/G. Meynell, J.H. Mason, E. Johnston, F.E. Jackson)
101Imprint Old Facesee Imprint1912In house (w/G. Meynell, J.H. Mason, E. Johnston, F.E. Jackson)
102Alte SchwabacherWithdrawn in 19721913Genzsch & Heyse
103Gloucester BoldRoman and Italic1912American Type Founders
104Old StyleWithdrawn in 19641912Stevens, Shanks & Son
105Typewriter (No.3)Roman1912Roneo
105Typewriter UnderlinedRoman1912Roneo
106Porson (Greek)1912
107Egyptian (No.1)Roman1913
108Italian Old StyleRoman and Italic1912J. M. Dent
109French Old Style (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671913Genzsch & Heyse
110PlantinRoman and Italic1913In house (Frank Hinman Pierpont)
111French ModernWithdrawn in 19671913Deberny
112Egyptian CondensedWithdrawn in 19671913Deberny
113Plantin Light (Cyrillic)
113Light Face Plantinsee Plantin Light1914In house (Frank Hinman Pierpont)
113Plantin LightRoman and Italic1914In house (Frank Hinman Pierpont)
113Plantin Light Facesee Plantin Light1914In house (Frank Hinman Pierpont)
114TrojanWithdrawn in 19671913Genzsch & Heyse
115Newspaper Small AdvertisementsWithdrawn in 19651913Miller & Richard
116Breitkopf Fraktur (No.1)Withdrawn in 19721914
117Gaelicsee Gaelic SansUSerif1913In house
117Gaelic Displaysee Gaelic SansUSerif1913In house
117Gaelic SansUSerif1913In house
118Mainzer FrakturWithdrawn in 19721914Berthold
119Blado ItalicItalic(to match Poliphilus (Series 170)1925In house
120Bodoni Ultra Bold (Cyrillic)
120Bodoni Ultra BoldRoman and Italic1936American Type Founders
120Ultra Bodonisee Bodoni Ultra Bold1936American Type Founders
121Colm Cillesee Gaelic: Colm Cille1936In house
121Gaelic: Colm Cille1936In house
122Old Style (Prumyslava)Roman, Withdrawn in 19641926Copyright
123Worcester Old FaceWithdrawn in 19651925
124Antique Old Style (No.1)Withdrawn in 19671914Miller & Richard (Old Style Antique 7)
124Old Style Antiquesee Antique Old Style1914Miller & Richard (Old Style Antique 7)
125MediaevalRoman, Withdrawn in 19651916
126Grotesquesee Grotesque Light No.11926Berthold
126Grotesque Light (No.1)Roman and Italic1926Berthold
127Typewriter (No.4)Roman1927Stephenson Blake
128CaslonRoman and Italic1915William Caslon
128Caslon Old Facesee Caslon1915William Caslon
129Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold1915
129Egyptian Bold (No.1)Roman1915
130Egyptian (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671916
131De VinneWithdrawn in 19671917L.M.C.
132Mainzer Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19721921Berthold
133Chu YinWithdrawn in 19671920
134MediaevalRoman, Withdrawn in 19651920
135Bodoni (No.3)Roman and Italic1921
136MediaevalRoman, Withdrawn in 19651922
137Old Facesee Scotch Roman1920Miller & Richard
137Scotch Roman (No.2)Roman and Italic1920Miller & Richard
138Old Style Bold (No.3)Roman. Withdrawn in 19651923
139Plate Gothicsee Spartan Light1921L.M.C.
139Spartan LightRoman1921L.M.C.
140Gothic Platesee Spartan1923L.M.C.
140Plate Gothicsee Spartan1923L.M.C.
141Gothic Platesee Spartan Bold1921L.M.C.
141Plate Gothicsee Spartan Bold1921L.M.C.
141Spartan BoldRoman1921L.M.C.
142Plate Gothicsee Spartan Light Condensed1923L.M.C.
142Spartan Light CondensedRoman1923L.M.C.
143Gothic Platesee Spartan Condensed1923L.M.C.
143Plate Gothicsee Spartan Condensed1923L.M.C.
143Spartan CondensedRoman1923L.M.C.
144Plate Gothic Italicsee Spartan Italic1926L.M.C.
144Spartan ItalicItalic1926L.M.C.
145Plate Gothicsee Spartan Wide1923L.M.C.
145Spartan WideRoman1923L.M.C.
146Engraver s Titlesee Engravers Titling1924L.M.C.
146Engravers TitlingRoman1924L.M.C.
147Engravers Bold TitlingRoman1924L.M.C.
147Engravers Titlingsee Engravers Bold Titling1924L.M.C.
147Engravers Titling: Boldsee Engravers Bold Titling1924L.M.C.
148French Old Style (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671921Gottfried Böttger
149Italian Old Style BoldRoman1922Amsterdam Type Foundry
149Italian Old Style Displaysee Italian Bold Style Bold1922Amsterdam Type Foundry
150Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Extended1921Miller & Richard
150Grotesque Bold Extended (No.1)Roman and Italic1921Miller & Richard
151Old Style (No.4)Roman and Italic1922Miller & Richard
152Gloucester Old Style Widesee Gloucester Wide1922
152Gloucester WideWithdrawn in 19671922
153Antique Extendedsee Ionic (No.4)1922Miller & Richard
153Ionic (No.4)Withdrawn in 19671922Miller & Richard
154Chiswell Old FaceRoman and Italic1922American Type Founders
154Old Facesee Chiswell Old Face1922American Type Founders
156GaramondRoman and Italic1922In house (Rom: Jean Jannon, It: Robert Granjon)
157Clearface BoldRoman and Italic1922American Type Founders
158Gloucestersee Gloucester Old Style1922Based on Series 99
158Gloucester Old Style (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671922Based on Series 99
158Gloucester Old Style Condensedsee Gloucester Old Style1922Derived from Series 99
159Old Face Heavysee Old Style Bold1922Caslon
159Old Style Bold (No.2)Roman1922Caslon
160Gloucester Bold Italic (No.1)Italic1922
161Antique Old Style (No.2)Roman and Italic1922Miller & Richard
161Old Style Antiquesee Antique Old Style1922Miller & Richard
162Egyptian (No. 3)Withdrawn in 19671922
163Newspaper SmallsWithdrawn in 19671922
164Latin WideWithdrawn in 19671922
164Wide Latinsee Latin Wide1922
165CochinRoman and Italic1923Deberny
166Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)
166Gothic Narrowsee Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling1922
166Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.4)see Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling1922
166Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.4) TitlingRoman1922
166Narrow Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling1922
167Bold Facesee De Vinne Italic1922American Type Founders
167Bold Italicsee de Vinne Italic1922American Type Founders
167De Vinne ItalicWithdrawn in 19671922American Type Founders
168Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Extended1922American Type Founders
168Grotesque Bold ExtendedWithdrawn in 19671922American Type Founders
169Baskerville (Cyrillic)
169BaskervilleRoman and Italic1923In house (John Baskerville)
170PoliphilusRoman1923In house
171Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold1923Stevens, Shanks & Son
171Egyptian Bold (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671923Stevens, Shanks & Son
172Gloucester Bold (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671923Derived from Series 103
173Egyptian (No.4)Roman1923Derived from Series 72
174Garamond Italic (No.2)Italic1923Derived from Series 156
175Rockwell ShadowRoman1934In house
175Rockwell Shadow Titlingsee Rockwell Shadow1934In house
176Bold Face Outlinesee Old Style Bold Outline1923Derived from Series 53
176Old Style Bold OutlineRoman1923Derived from Series 53
176Outlinesee Old Style Bold Outline1923Derived from Series 53
177Gothicsee Grotesque Newspaper Smalls1924Derived from Series 73
177Grotesque Newspaper SmallsWithdrawn in 19651924Derived from Series 73
177Newspaper Small Adssee Grotesque Newspaper Smalls1924Derived from Series 73
178BarbouRoman and Italic1958Pierre Simon Fournier
179Modern TitlingRoman and Italic1924
179Titlingsee Modern Titling1924
179Titling Modern No.1see Modern Titling1924
180Titlingsee Victoria Bold Condensed Titling1924Stevens, Shanks & Son
180Titling Condensedsee Victoria Bold Condensed Titling1924Stevens, Shanks & Son
180Victoria Bold Condensed TitlingRoman1924Stevens, Shanks & Son
181Titlingsee Victoria Condensed Titling1924Stephenson Blake
181Victoria Condensed TitlingRoman1924Stephenson Blake
182Titlingsee Victoria Titling1924Stephenson Blake
182Victoria TitlingRoman1924Stephenson Blake
183Modern (No.6)Withdrawn in 19671924Stevens, Shanks & Son
183Titlingsee Modern (No.6)1924Stevens, Shanks & Son
184Egyptiansee Ionic No.41924Caslon
184Ionic (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671924Caslon
185FournierRoman and Italic1924Pierre Simon Fournier
185Fournier Old Facesee Fournier1924Pierre Simon Fournier
186Nurnburger Gotisch SchmaleWithdrawn in 19651926
187Schmalfette Frankfurter FrakturWithdrawn in 19671926
188Horley Old StyleSuperceded by 199. Withdrawn in 19651925
189Modern (No.3)Roman and Italic1924Miller & Richard
190Imprint ShadowRoman and Italic1925
191Modern1924Reserved (Exclusive to Mardon, Son & Hall)
192New Hellenic (Greek)Latin Capitals pased to manufacture in 19701927In house
193Gloucester Bold Condensed TwoULineWithdrawn in 19651925
194Plantin Bold (Cyrillic)1925
194Plantin BoldRoman and Italic1925
194Plantin Heavysee Plantin Bold1925
195Bodoni BoldRoman1926
196Surrey Old StyleWithdrawn in 19671925
197CanterburyWithdrawn in 19671925Stephenson Blake
198Gloucester Bold CondensedRoman1925Caslon
199Horley Old StyleRoman and Italic1925In house (After Kennerley)
200Perpetua Bold TitlingRoman1935Eric Gill
201Garamond Bold (Cyrillic)
201Garamond BoldRoman and Italic1925
201Garamond Heavysee Garamond Bold1925
202Hessen Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1964Superseded by Series 417
203Van DijckRoman and Italic1936
204Gothic Light Facesee Grotesque Light Condensed (No.1)1925
204Grotesque Light Condensed (No.1)Withdrawn in 19671925
204Light Face Gothicsee Grotesque Light Condensed (No.1)1925
205Unger FrakturWithdrawn in 19721925
206PastonchiRoman and Italic1926F. Pastonchi, E. Cotti
207Antique (No.1)see(Antique Old Style1925_
207Antique Old StyleRoman and Italic1925_
208GwendolineWithdrawn in 19671935William Graily Hewitt
209Caslon TitlingRoman1925
209Titlingsee Caslon Titling1925
210Musical Signs1925
211Century (No.2)Roman1925
211Modernsee Century1925
212Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.5)Withdrawn in 19641925
213Bernard CondensedRoman1926
213Condensed Boldsee Bernard Condensed1926
214Goudy Extra BoldRoman and Italic1926
214Goudy Heavysee Goudy Extra Bold1926
214Goudy Heavy Facesee Goudy Extra Bold1926
215Grotesque (No.1)Roman and Italic1927Berthold (Ideal Grotesk)
215Grotesque Half Fatsee Grotesque No.11927Berthold (Ideal Grotesk)
216Grotesquesee Grotesque Bold1926
216Grotesque ¾ Fatsee Grotesque Bold No.11926
216Grotesque Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic1926
217Peninim Pointed (heb)1927Berthold
218Hebrew Sonzino (pointed) (heb)see Sonzino1927
218Sonzino (heb)1927
219Ashurith (unpointed) (heb)1927
219Hebrew Ashurith (heb)see Ashurith1927
220Hebrew Peninim (heb)see Peninim1927
220Peninim (unpointed) (heb)1927
221Hebrew Levenim (heb)see Levênim1926Berthold
221Levênim (unpointed) (heb)1926
222Hebrew (heb)1913
222Unpointed Hebrewsee Hebrew1913
223Antique Heavysee Devonshire Bold1927American Type Founders
223Devonshire BoldWithdrawn in 19671927American Type Founders
223Heavy Antiquesee Devonshire Bold1927American Type Founders
224Antique Heavy Condensedsee Devonshire Bold Condensed1927American Type Founders
224Condensed Heavy Antiquesee Devonshire Bold Condensed1927American Type Founders
224Devonshire Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 19671927American Type Founders
226Treyford1927Copyright (Exclusive to Oxford University Press)
227Century (No.1)see Century Schoolbook1935Morris Fuller Benton
227Century SchoolbookRoman and Italic1935Morris Fuller Benton
228Hebrew Rabbinic (heb)see Rabinnic1927
228Rabbinic (heb)1927
229Two Line Gloucester Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 19651927
230Poliphilus TitlingRoman1927Derived from Series 170
231Gill Sans TitlingRoman1928Eric Gill
231Gill Sans Serif Titlingsee Gill Sans Titling1928Eric Gill
232Antique Old Style (No.4) ItalicWithdrawn in 19651935
233Gill Sans Cameo (Cyrillic)
233Gill Sans CameoRoman1934In house (After Gill Sans)
233Gill SansUSerif Cameosee Gill Sans Cameo1934In house (After Gill Sans)
234Shakespeare TitlingWithdrawn in 19671927
234Titlingsee Shakespeare Titling1927
235Elite Typewritersee Typewriter1927
235Typewriter (No.5)(Elite) Roman1927
236Plantin Bold CondensedRoman1927
236Plantin Heavy Condensedsee Plantin Bold Condensed1927
237Modern French1927Copyright (Exclusive to Imprimerie Nationale)
238Ashley CrawfordWithdrawn in 19671927Ashley Havinden
239PerpetuaRoman and Italic1928Eric Gill
240Old FaceWithdrawn in 19641927
241Egyptian Condensed (No.2)1927Copyright (Exclusive to Imprimerie Nationale)
242Gloucester CondensedWithdrawn in 19671928
242Gloucester Old Style Condensedsee Gloucester Condensed1928
243Gloucester Bold ExtendedRoman1928American Type Founders
244Grotesque Light (No.2)Withdrawn in 19651927
245Bold Face Italic No.2see Old Style Bold Italic (No.2)1928
245Old Style Bold Italic (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671928
247Modern FrenchWithdrawn in 19651928Copyright (Exclusive to Imprimerie Nationale)
248Othello ShadowWithdrawn in 19671928
249Goudy ModernRoman and Italic1928Frederic Goudy (American Type Founders)
250Modern (No.6)see Modern Condensed1928Reichsdruckerei
250Modern Condensed (No.5)Roman1928Reichsdruckerei
251Egyptiansee Egyptian Condensed1928
251Egyptian Condensed (No.3)Roman1928
252Arrighi Italicsee Centaur1928Frederic Warde
252CentaurRoman and Italic1928Bruce Rogers (Rom) & Frederic Warde (Ita)
253Bold Face No.2see Old Style Bold1927Caslon
253Bold Face Special Linesee Old Style Bold1927Caslon
253Old Style Bold (No.4)Withdrawn in 19671927Caslon
254Bodoni (No.4)Withdrawn in 19671925
254Bodoni No.2see Bodoni No.41925
255LutetiaRoman and Italic1928Jan Van Krimpen (Enschedé)
256Dürer Fraktur1928Stempel AG
257Modernsee Modern Wide1928Miller & Richard
257Modern Wide (No.7)Withdrawn in 19671928Miller & Richard
258Perpetua TitlingRoman1928Eric Gill
259Antigone (Greek)Withdrawn in 19661928Enschedé
259Greek: Enschedésee Antigone1928Enschedé
260Bodoni Bold (Cyrillic)
260Bodoni Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic1929American Type Founders
260Bodoni Heavysee Bodoni Bold1929American Type Founders
261Horley Old Face Heavysee Horley Old Style Bold1928
261Horley Old Style BoldRoman1928
262Gill Sans (Cyrillic)
262Gill SansRoman and Italic1929Eric Gill
262Gill SansUSerifsee Gill Sans1929Eric Gill
263Modern CancellationRoman1913Miller & Richard
264AlbionWithdrawn in 19651929
265Ionic (No.1)Withdrawn in 19671929Miller & Richard
266Gloucester Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 19651928
267SansUSerif DictionaryWithdrawn in 19651929
268Goudy CatalogueRoman and Italic1928Frederic Goudy (American Type Founders)
269Goudy Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic1929Frederic Goudy (American Type Founders)
270Aldine Bembosee Bembo1929In house (After Francesco Griffo)
270BemboRoman and Italic1929In house (After Francesco Griffo)
271Cloister BoldWithdrawn in 19671929Miller & Richard
272Cloister Old StyleWithdrawn in 19671929American Type Founders
273Wigan CondensedWithdrawn in 19651929In house
274Grotesquesee Grotesque Light Condensed1929Berthold
274Grotesque Light Condensed (No.2)Roman1929Berthold
275Gill Sans Bold (Cyrillic)
275Gill Bold SansUSerifsee Gill Sans Bold1929Eric Gill
275Gill Sans BoldRoman and Italic1929Eric Gill
275Gill SansUSerif Boldsee Gill Sans Bold1929Eric Gill
276SolusWithdrawn in 19671932In house (After Eric Gill)
277Unger Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19721929
278BraggadocioRoman1929W.A. Woolley
279Ashley Crawford PlainWithdrawn in 19671929Ashley Havinden
281Plantin Old Style (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671930
282Egyptian Bold CondensedRoman1930In house
282Egyptian Heavysee Egyptian Bold Condensed1930In house
282Heavy Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold Condensed1930In house
283Greek Perpetua (Greek)see Perpetua Greek1929In house
283Perpetua (Greek)Withdrawn in 19671929In house
284LittleworthWithdrawn in 19671932In house
285Fournier Old Face (Shortened Caps)see Fournier Shortened Capitals1927
285Fournier Shortened CapitalsRoman and Italic1927
286Deutsch Romisch BoldWithdrawn in 19671931C.E. Weber Typefoundry (F.H.E. Schneidler)
287Plantin Bold (No.2)Withdrawn in 19681930
287Plantin Heavy No.2see Plantin Bold (No.2)1930
288Bodoni (No.1)Withdrawn in 19671935
289Plantin CondensedWithdrawn in 19671930
290Gill Sans Shadow LineRoman1931In house (After Eric Gill)
290Gill SansUSerif Shadowlinesee Gill Sans Shadow Line1931In house (After Eric Gill)
291Goudy Old StyleRoman and Italic1930Frederic Goudy (American Type Founders)
292Goudy Text1931Frederic Goudy (American Type Founders)
293Lombardic Capitals(goes with Goudy Text 292)1931
294Bembo Condensed ItalicItalic1933In house
294Narrow Bembo Italicsee Bembo Condensed Italic1933In house
295CentaurRoman1930In house (After Bruce Rogers)
296Erfurter FrakturWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1930
297AcierWithdrawn in 1965 (Not issued)1931Reserved
298Deutsch RomischWithdrawn in 19701930
299Gill Sans Cameo RuledRoman1935Eric Gill
299Gill SansUSerif Cameo Ruledsee Gill Sans Cameo Ruled1935Eric Gill
300Ulmer Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1930
301Typewriter (No.6)(Elite) Roman1930
302Typewriter (No.7)(Pica) Withdrawn in 19671930
303Gloucester BoldWithdrawn in 19651929Derived from Series 103
304Gill Sans Shadow TitlingRoman1931In house (After Eric Gill)
304Gill SansUSerif Shadowsee Gill Sans Shadow Titling1931In house (After Eric Gill)
305KinoRoman1930M. Dovey
306Crossword Puzzle Solution1930
307Antique (No.3)Withdrawn in 19651927
308Helen FrakturWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1934House St.?
309Crossword SquaresCancelled
310Imprint BoldRoman and Italic1930
310Imprint Heavy (No.1)see Imprint Bold1930
311KaatskillWithdrawn in 19671932Frederic Goudy
312Baskerville BoldRoman and Italic1933
312Baskerville Heavysee Baskerville Bold1933
313Baskerville Bold (No.2)see Baskerville SemiUBold1932
313Baskerville SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1932
314Fridericus AntiquaRoman and Italic1931Genzsch & Heyse
315Hutten FrakturWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1931Genzsch & Heyse
316Perpetua (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671931
317Gill Sans Bold TitlingRoman1931
317Gill SansUSerif Titlingsee Gill Sans Bold Titling1931
318Grotesque Condensed (No.3)Roman1931Berthold
318SansUSerif Condensedsee Grotesque Condensed1931Berthold
319Acier Grey and WhiteNot issued1931Deberny (Copyright)
320EmersonRoman and Italic1936Joseph Blumenthal
321Gill Sans Extra BoldRoman1931In house (After Eric Gill)
321Gill SansUSerif Extra Heavysee Gill Sans Extra Bold1931In house (After Eric Gill)
322Scriptsee(Script Bold1931
322Script Bold1931
323FalstaffRoman and Italic1931Bauer
324Albertus TitlingRoman1936In house (After Berthold Wolpe)
325Tonic SolUFa1911
326Daily Mail ModernWithdrawn in 1974 (Obsolete)Unknown
327Times New Roman (Cyrillic)
327Times New RomanRoman and Italic1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
328Times Bold Titling (No.2)Roman1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
328Titling Heavy (The Times)see Times Bold Titling1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
329Times TitlingRoman1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
329Titling (The Times)see Times Titling1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
330Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold1928
330Egyptian BoldWithdrawn in 19671928
331Zethmeyer FrakturWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1935
332Times Bold TitlingRoman1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
332Titling Bold (The Times)see Times Bold Titling1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
333Newspaper Smalls (The Times)see Times Newspaper Smalls1931
333Times Newspaper Small Ads. TwoULineRoman1931
334Times Bold (Cyrillic)
334Bold (The Times)see Times Bold1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
334Times BoldRoman and Italic1931In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
335Newspaper Smalls (The Times)see Times Newspaper Smalls1931
335Times Newspaper Small AdvertisementsRoman1931
336Missal Medium1932Copyright (Exclusive to Desclée De Brouwer)
337Heavy Small CapsWithdrawn in 1974 (Obsolete)UnknownImprimerie Nationale?
338Gill Sans Shadow (No.3)Roman1932Eric Gill
338Gill SansUSerif Two Coloursee Gill Sans Shadow No.31932Eric Gill
339Times Extended TitlingRoman1931
339Titling Extended (The Times)see Times Extended Titling1931
340Tamil Bold1932
340Tamil Heavysee Tamil Bold1932
341BellRoman and Italic1931Stephenson Blake
342Ionic (No.2)Roman and Italic1932
343Gill Sans Bold CondensedRoman1932Eric Gill
343Gill SansUSerif Bold Condensedsee Gill Sans Bold Condensed1932Eric Gill
344Typewriter (No.8)(Imperial) Withdrawn in 19671932
345Bold (The Times)see Times Bold1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
345Times BoldRoman1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
346Devanagari Bold1936
347MardersteigWithdrawn in 19671932Giovanni Mardersteig
348LeysbourneWithdrawn in 19651934In house
349Gill Sans (No.2)Roman and Italic1932In house (After Eric Gill)
349Gill SansUSerifsee Gill Sans (No.2)1932In house (After Eric Gill)
350Gill Sans Bold (No.2)Roman1932In house (After Eric Gill)
350Gill SansUSerif Boldsee Gill Sans Bold (No.2)1932In house (After Eric Gill)
351Monoline Script1933In house
351Script Monolinesee Monoline Script1933In house
352Centaur (No.2)Roman and Italic1930
353Gill Sans PosterRoman1932In house (After Eric Gill)
353Gill SansUSerifsee Gill Sans Poster1932In house (After Eric Gill)
354Antique (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671932Richard Herbert Stevens
355Times Hever TitlingRoman1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
355Titling Hever (The Times)see Times Hever Titling1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
356Old English TextWithdrawn in 19671932
357Bodoni (No.2)Roman and Italic1932Intertype
357Bodoni Booksee Bodoni1932Intertype
358Times TitlingWithdrawn in 1967 (Scrapped)Unknown
359Rockwell Bold CondensedRoman1935
359Rockwell Heavy Condensedsee Rockwell Bold Condensed1935
360Bold (The Times)see Times Bold1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
360Times Bold (No.3)Roman1932In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
361Gloucester Bold TitlingWithdrawn in 19671935American Type Founders
362Gill Sans Light (Cyrillic)1931In house (After Eric Gill)
362Gill Sans LightRoman and Italic1931In house (After Eric Gill)
362Gill SansUSerif Lightsee Gill Sans Light1931In house (After Eric Gill)
363Enge Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19671933Bauer
364Goudy Catalogue (No.2)Roman and Italic1933
365Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.6)Withdrawn in 19671933American Type Founders
365Heavy Narrow Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.6)1933American Type Founders
366Bold Facesee Inflex Bold1933
366Inflex BoldRoman1933
367Breitkopf FrakturWithdrawn in 19721932
368Solus BoldWithdrawn in 19671933
368Solus Heavysee Solus Bold1933
369JocundaWithdrawn in 19671933Stanley Baxter
370Bembo Titling (Cyrillic)
370Aldine Bembo Titlingsee Bembo Titling1930
370Bembo TitlingRoman and Italic1930
371RockwellRoman and Italic1933In house
372Goudy Catalogue TwoULineWithdrawn in 19651933In house
373Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)
373Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (No.1)Roman1933
373Gill SansUSerif Extra Bold Titlingsee Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling1933
374WalbaumRoman and Italic1934Justus Erich Walbaum (Berthold)
375Walbaum MediumRoman and Italic1934
376Baskerville Bold TitlingWithdrawn in 19651933
377Baskerville Bold Large FaceWithdrawn in 19671933
378Baskerville Bold Titling CondensedWithdrawn in 19651933
379Essener Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19671933
380Baskerville Extra Bold TitlingWithdrawn in 19671933
381Baskerville TitlingWithdrawn in 19651933In house
382Musical Signs1933
383Grotesque Condensed (Cyrillic)
383Condensed Heavy Grotesquesee Grotesque Condensed (No.4)1933Fonderie Turlot
383Grotesque Condensed (No.4)Roman1933Fonderie Turlot
383Grotesque Condensed Heavysee Grotesque Condensed (No.4)1933Fonderie Turlot
384Hessen FrakturWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1934
385Scriptsee Wenceslas Script1933
385Wenceslas ScriptWithdrawn in 19671933
386Perpetua (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671933
387Blücher Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19671934Bauer
389Grotesque Light (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671934Miller & Richard
389Grotesque No.2see Grotesque Light (No. 3)1934Miller & Richard
390Rockwell LightRoman and Italic1934In house
391Rockwell BoldRoman and Italic1934In house
391Rockwell Heavysee Rockwell Bold1934In house
392Theuerdank FrakturWithdrawn in 19641935
393MissalRoman1934Henri & Jules Desclée (Copyright)
395Gloucester Bold Extra CondensedRoman1934American Type Founders
396Gloucester Extra CondensedRoman1934In house
396Gloucester Old Style Extra Condensedsee Gloucester Extra Condensed1934In house
397MenhartRoman and Italic1934Oldrich Menhart
398Poltawski BoldRoman1934
399Felix TitlingRoman1934In house
400Emerson (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671936Joseph Blumenthal
401Leibniz FrakturWithdrawn in 19671935
403FontanaRoman and Italic1933Alexander Wilson
404Porson Condensed (Greek)Withdrawn in 19671935Derived from Series 106
405Grotesque Light Condensed (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671935
405Grotesque Narrowsee Grotesque Light Condensed (No.3)1935
405Narrow Grotesquesee Grotesque Light Condensed (No.3)1935
406Gill Sans Shadow (No.1)Roman1936In house (After Eric Gill)
406Gill SansUSerif Shadow No.1see Gill Sans Shadow No.11936In house (After Eric Gill)
407Antique (No.4)Withdrawn in 19651930
408Gill Sans Shadow (No.2)Roman1936In house (After Eric Gill)
408Gill SansUSerif Shadow No.2see Gill Sans Shadow No.21936In house (After Eric Gill)
409Arabic (Egyptian Government)Cancelled in 1946. Superseded by Series 549Unknown
410Imprint Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic1934Derived from Series 310
410Imprint Heavy No.2see Imprint Bold1934Derived from Series 310
411Pierre DidotWithdrawn in 19651935
412Clarendon (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671935Miller & Richard
413Breitkopf Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19721936Berthold
414Rockwell CondensedRoman1935Derived from Series 359/371
415Arabic DisplayCancelled in 1950Unknown
416Ionic (No.7)Withdrawn in 19671935Linotype
417Hessen Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1936
418Mainzer Fraktur (No.2)Withdrawn in 19671935
419Condensed Latinsee Grotesque Condensed Titling1935Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger (Schmale Renaissance)
419Latin CondensedRoman1935Benjamin Krebs Nachfolger (Schmale Renaissance)
420Runic CondensedRoman1935Stephenson Blake?
421Times New Roman SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1935In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
422Modern (No.7)Withdrawn in 19651935Linotype
423Jean Paul FrakturWithdrawn in 19671946
424Rockwell Extra BoldRoman1935In house
424Rockwell Extra Heavysee Rockwell Extra Bold1935In house
425Divina ComediaDestroyedUnknown
426TeluguWithdrawn in 19691936
427Times New Roman WideRoman and Italic1932Derived from Series 327
428Bembo BoldRoman and Italic1935In house
428Bembo Heavysee Bembo Bold1935In house
429Palace Script1936Stephenson Blake
430Gill FaceDestroyedUnknown
431Floriated CapitalsRoman1936Eric Gill
432Mainzer Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 19641935Berthold
433Gill Moiree ShadowDestroyedUnknownIn house (After Eric Gill)
434Shadow FrenchWithdrawnUnknown
435Heavy Shadow FrenchWithdrawnUnknown
436Dorchester Script1937In house
436Script: Dorchestersee Dorchester Script1937In house
437Fontana Bible FaceRoman and Italic1936In house (Copyright)
438Plantin TitlingRoman1936Derived from Series 110
439Goudy TitlingRoman1936Frederic Goudy
440TitlingWithdrawn in 19651936Miller & Richard
441Goudy Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic1936Derived from Series 269
442Gill Sans Ultra BoldRoman1936Eric Gill
442Gill SansUSerif Ultra Boldsee Gill Sans Ultra Bold1936Eric Gill
442Gill Ultra Boldsee Gill Sans Ultra Bold1936Eric Gill
443Fontana TitlingDestroyedUnknown
444Modern (No.9)Cancelled in 1936Unknown
445TempestWithdrawn in 19731936Copyright (Exclusive to London Press Exchange)
446Breitkopf Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19721936
447Modern Extended (No.3)Withdrawn in 19651936
448Missal No.31936Copyright
449Alte Monotype Fraktur Halbfettesee Alte Fraktur Fette1936
449Alte Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)1936
450Laudian Old StyleRoman and Italic1936
451Ionic (No.6)Withdrawn in 19671936
452EmeryWithdrawn in 1965Unknown
453EhrhardtRoman and Italic1937
453Pitman s i.t.a.
454Laudian Old StyleDestroyedUnknown
455Script: Templesee Temple Script1937P. Wilms
455Temple Script1937P. Wilms
456Old English Text (No.2)1934
456Old English Text Lightsee Old English Text (No.2)1934
457SachsenwaldUGotischWithdrawn in 19671936
458RomulusRoman and Italic1937Jan Van Krimpen
459Missal (No.4)1936Copyright (Exclusive to Desclée De Brouwer)
461Perpetua BoldRoman and Italic1936Eric Gill
462IndicateurWithdrawn in 19671936
463RundgotischWithdrawn in 19721936
464Egyptian Condensed (No.4)Withdrawn in 19671936
465Egyptian ExtendedDestroyedUnknown
466Breitkopf RomanCancelled in 1936UnknownDerived from Series 367
467Breitkopf FrakturWithdrawn in 19671935
468Gill Sans Bold Extra CondensedRoman1937In house (After Eric Gill)
468Gill SansUSerif Bold Extra Condensedsee Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed1937In house (After Eric Gill)
469BulmerRoman and Italic1936William Martin
471Modern (No.8)Withdrawn in 19671936Derived from Series 7
472Greek: Inclined (Greek)1936To match Series 7
473Greek (Greek)Withdrawn in 19671936To match Series 169
474Times New Roman Heavy BookDestroyedUnknown
475Light Scriptsee Script Light1937
475Script Light1937
477Century Schoolbook BoldRoman1966
478JoannaRoman and Italic1937Eric Gill
480Perpetua Light TitlingRoman1937In house (After Eric Gill)
480Perpetua Titling Light Facesee Perpetua Light Titling1937In house (After Eric Gill)
481AlbertusRoman1938Berthold Wolpe
482Uhlen Con Bold FrakturWithdrawn in 1973 (Cancelled)Unknown
482Ullstein Fraktur Fette Engesee Uhlen Con Bold FrakturUnknown
483Uhlen RundgotischWithdrawn in 19721938
484Gustavus BoldWithdrawn in 19651937
485Gill Sans Condensed(Cyrillic)
485Gill Sans CondensedRoman1937In house (After Eric Gill)
485Gill SansUSerif Medium Condensedsee Gill Sans Condensed1937In house (After Eric Gill)
486Heavy Greek (Greek)see SansUSerif1937
486SansUSerif (Greek)1937
487Gill (heb)Withdrawn in 19671938Eric Gill
488Mayer Pointed (heb)1938
489Peninim (heb)1937Derived from Series 217
492Mayer (heb)1938
493Grosvenor Script1937
493see Grosvenor Script1937
494Bruce RogersIn abeyance in 19671953Reserved
495B.O.A.C. (British Overseas Airways Corporation)Proofs record from 1937UnknownDerived from Series 239 & 327
496MaturaRoman1938Imre Reiner
497Gustavus LightWithdrawn in 1965Unknown
498Enschedé FrakturWithdrawn in 19671938
499Sachsenwald MagerWithdrawn in 19651938
500Modern TimetableWithdrawn in 19671938
501Clarendon TimetableWithdrawn in 19671938
502Grotesque TimetableWithdrawn in 19671938
503Bold Facesee Inflex Timetable1938
503Inflex Timetable1938
504Bodoni (No.5)Roman and Italic1938
505Light Extra Condensedsee Placard Light Extra Condensed1939
505Placard Light Extra CondensedRoman1939
506Placard Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
506Placard Bold Condensed (No.1)Roman1939
508PegasusRoman1940Berthold Wolpe
509Bembo SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1938In house
510ChatsworthWithdrawn in 19651938
511CondensaItalic1939In house
512Dürer Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1965 (Scrapped)Unknown
513Dürer Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 19651939
514Fanfare TitlingDestroyedUnknown
515Placard Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
515Placard Bold Condensed (No.2)Roman1939
516Fanfare Bold Condensed Italic TitlingItalic1939Copyright (Exclusive to Fanfare Press)
517L.P.T.B. TitlingWithdrawn in 19651938
518Gujerathi Bold1939
519Propylaen FrakturWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)Unknown
520Romulus BoldRoman and Italic1940Jan Van Krimpen
520Van Krimpen Boldsee Romulus Bold1940Jan Van Krimpen
521Berliner FrakturWithdrawn in 1965 (Destroyed)Unknown
522Placard Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)
522Light Placard Titlingsee Placard Condensed Titling1939
522Placard Condensed TitlingRoman1939
522Titlingsee Placard Condensed Titling1939
523Condensed Heavy Grotesque Titlingsee Grotesque Condensed Titling1939
523Grotesque Condensed TitlingRoman1939
524Grotesque Bold TitlingRoman1939
524Grotesque Titlingsee Grotesque Bold Titling1939
525Gill Sans Bold Condensed TitlingRoman1939In house (After Eric Gill)
526Gill Sans Extra Bold TitlingRoman1939
526Gill Sans Extra Heavy Titlingsee Gill Sans Extra Bold Titling1939
527Grotesque Bold Condensed TitlingRoman1939
527Narrow Gothic Titlingsee Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling1939
528Matura Scriptorial Capitals(goes with Matura 496)1939Imre Reiner
529Bodoni Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
529Bodoni Bold CondensedRoman and Italic1939
529Bodoni Heavy Condensedsee Bodoni Bold Condensed1939
530Uhlen Rund Gotisch CapsWithdrawn in 1964 (Destroyed)Unknown
531HaarlemmerWithdrawn in 19671940Jan Van Krimpen
532Prayer Book Face (OUP)CancelledUnknown
533GravuraWithdrawn in 19651939Imre Reiner
534Albertus LightRoman1940Berthold Wolpe
535Glamour Boldsee L.M.M.Co. Series 237UnknownBased on Glamour Bold (Lanston Monotype No. 237)
535L.M.M.Co. Series 237Cancelled in 1945UnknownNumber reused (Joanna Semi Bold 1986?)
537Morison FaceWithdrawn in 1974Unknown
538Albertus Bold TitlingRoman1940Berthold Wolpe
539Georgian LightWithdrawn in 19721940
540Georgian BoldWithdrawn in 19721940
541AS 364 7¾Cancelled in 1941UnknownNumber reused (Joanna Bold?)
542Arabic BoldDestroyedUnknown
543Perpetua TitlingWithdrawn in 19671942Eric Gill
544Old Style Bold (No.5)Roman1943
545Century BoldWithdrawn in 19671944Ludlow
546Century Bold ExtendedWithdrawn in 19671944Ludlow
547Hebrew Schocken No.1 (heb)Withdrawn in 19741947Restricted
548Lectern MissalRoman1947Derived from Series 320
549Arabic Naskh1946
550Hebrew Schocken No.2 (heb)Withdrawn in 19671947Restricted
551Hebrew Schocken No.3 (heb)Withdrawn in 1967UnknownRestricted
552Sheldon: Bible Face1951Copyright (Exclusive to Oxford University Press)
553Old Style Bold Inclined (Greek)1946
554Festival Titling1950Philip Boydell
555AngelusRoman and Italic1954John Peters
556SpectrumRoman and Italic1952Jan Van Krimpen
558Burmese Light1953
559Arabic Solloss1952
560Times Bold (No.4)1952In house (After Victor Lardent & Stanley Morison)
561Perpetua SemiUBoldCancelled in 1963Unknown
562Ionic TwoUlineRoman1952
563Ehrhardt (No.2)Withdrawn in 1974Unknown
564Syriac Estrangelo1953
565Times Upright (Greek)1955
566Times Inclined (Greek)1955
567Times Bold Upright (Greek)1955
568Placard Condensed (Cyrillic)
568Placard CondensedRoman1937
568Placard Medium Condensedsee Placard Condensed1937
569Times 4Uline Mathematics1958To match Series 327
570Modern BoldRoman1955
571Gill Sans Inclined (Greek)1959To match Series 262
572Gill Sans Upright (Greek)1954To match Series 262
573Ehrhardt SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1955
573Pitman s i.t.a.see Ehrhardt SemiUBold1955
574Ashley Script1955Ashley Havinden
575Gill Sans Bold (No.3)Withdrawn in 19671937In house (After Eric Gill)
576Monophoto Pen ScriptUnknown
578Burmese Bold1953
580Tamil Medium1952
581Tamil BoldCancelledUnknown
582Rockwell Light CondensedRoman and Italic1958Derived from Series 390
583Swing Bold1955
584Mercurius Bold Script1957
585Gill Sans Condensed (Greek)1954
586FabritiusRoman1961Fabritius & Sonner
589Arabic Naskh Accented1956Derived from Series 549
591OnyxRoman1955Gerry Powell
592DanteRoman and Italic1955Giovanni Mardersteig
593Klang1955Will Carter
594Bruce Rogers TitlingReUused, see Joanna ExtraUBoldUnknownResearch
594Joanna ExtraUBoldUnknown
595Headline BoldRoman and Italic1956Stephenson Blake
596Futura BuchschriftSuspended in 1960Unknown
597Old Bulgarian1956
600CastellarRoman1957John Peters
601Gurmukhi Bold1957
602Typewriter IBM "Executive Roman1958
603OctavianRoman and Italic1962Will Carter & David Kindersley
604Gurmukhi Lightsee Gurmukhi1958
605Placard Light Extra Condensed (Greek)1954Derived from Series 505
606New Face (Frankfurt)Suspended in 1964Unknown
607Horley Old Style LightSuspended in 1964UnknownLinotype
608Thai Light1958
609Louvain Coptic1959Derived from Series 486
610New Emerald BibleRestricted1959Oxford University Press
611Thai Bold1958Derived from Series 577
612Dante TitlingRoman1959Giovanni Mardersteig
613Pepita1959Imre Reiner
614Forte1960Carl Reissberger
615New GrotesqueWithdrawn in 1974 (apart from "A")Derived from Series 215
616New Grotesque BoldWithdrawn in 1974 (apart from "A")Derived from Series 216
617New ClarendonRoman and Italic1960From Caslon punches
618New Clarendon BoldRoman1960From Caslon punches
619Bell GothicRoman1959Linotype
620Bell Gothic BoldRoman1959Linotype
621Thai Medium1959
622Twentieth Century Mediumfor Monophoto1960Lanston Monotype No.605
623Modernfor Monophoto1960Lanston Monotype No.8
625Gill Sans Bold Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 275
626Telugu Medium1954
627Times New Roman BookRoman and Italic1952Derived from Series 427
628Thai Light Italic1960Derived from Series 608
629TravellerRoman1963John Peters
630News Gothicfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.206
631News Gothic Condensedfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.204
632Fleet TitlingRoman1967John Peters
633ChineseWithdrawn in 1974Unknown
634Twentieth Century Lightfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.606
635Twentieth Century Boldfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.604
636Figaro BoldCancelled in 1967Unknown
637Twentieth Century Extra Boldfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.603
639Times Cosmoli TitlingWithdrawn in 1966 (Destroyed)Unknown
640Arabic: Lakhdar Nashri Light1961Restricted
641Arabic: Lakhdar Nashri Bold1961Restricted
642Arabic: Lakhdar Nashri Roca1961Restricted
643BerlingRoman and Italic. Withdrawn in 19731963KarlUErik Forsberg
644Berling SemiUBoldRoman. Withdrawn in 19731963KarlUErik Forsberg
645Apollofor Monophoto1964Adrian Frutiger
646JansonWithdrawn in 1972, for Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.401
647News Gothic Boldfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.93
648Bulmer (American)SuspendedUnknown
649Arabic Naskh Bold1959
650Century SchoolbookRoman and Italic1962Lanston Monotype No.420
651Century Schoolbook BoldRoman1961Lanston Monotype No.620
652OpusCancelled in 1966UnknownK. Knapp
653Century Boldfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.118
654Bookman Old Stylefor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.98
655Franklin Gothicfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.107
656Caslon Boldfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.79
657Sinhalese Bold1956
658Century Expandedfor Monophoto1962Lanston Monotype No.20
659Arabic Naskh Accented Bold1961Derived from Series 589
661News Gothic Bold Condensedfor Monophoto1963Lanston Monotype No.205
662Gill Sans Light (No.2)Roman1958In house (After Eric Gill)
663Plantin SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1967
664Albertinafor Monophoto1969Chris Brand
665Apollo SemiUBoldfor Monophoto1964Adrian Frutiger
666News Grotesque LightWithdrawn in 1967 (apart from "A")UnknownDerived from Series 126
667Times Bold Inclined (Greek)1965Derived from Series 334
668Placard Condensed Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 568
669SabonRoman and Italic1967Jan Tschichold
670Bengali BoldCancelled in 1967Unknown
671Gill Sans Light Inclined (Greek)1962Derived from Series 662
672Gill Sans Light Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 662
673Sabon SemiUBoldRoman1967Jan Tschichold
674Walbaum (No.2)Roman and Italic1957Justus Erich Walbaum
675Gill Sans Bold Inclined (Greek)1962Derived from Series 275
676Adamasfor Monophoto1965Copyright (Exclusive to Herder, Freiburg)
677Adamas SemiUBoldfor Monophoto1965Copyright (Exclusive to Herder, Freiburg)
678Burmese MediumExperimentalUnknown
679Urdu NastaliqUnknown
680Grotesque BoldRoman1962To match Series 620
681Lutheranfor Monophoto1964
682Dante SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1968Giovanni Mardersteig
683Grotesque Condensed Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 383
684Univers Extra Light Extra CondensedRoman (39)1968Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
685Univers LightRoman and Italic (45/46)1961Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
686Univers Light CondensedRoman and Italic (47/48)1963Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
687Univers Light Extra CondensedRoman (49)1966Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
688Univers Medium ExpandedRoman (53)1964Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
689Univers MediumRoman and Italic (55/56)1961Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
690Univers Medium CondensedRoman and Italic (57/58)1963Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
691Univers Medium Extra CondensedRoman (59)1966Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
692Univers Bold ExpandedRoman (63)1964Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
693Univers BoldRoman and Italic (65/66)1961Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
694Univers Bold CondensedRoman and Italic (67/68)1963Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
695Univers Extra Bold ExpandedRoman (73)1964Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
696Univers Extra BoldRoman and Italic (75/76)1961Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
697Univers Ultra Bold ExpandedRoman (83)1964Adrian Frutiger (Deberny & Peignot)
698Sinhalese Italic1967Derived from Series 557
699Sinhalese Bold Italic1967Derived from Series 657
701Bengali Bold1966
702New Berolina1965Martin Wilke
703Wolters Map Face1965J.B. Wolters
704Gujerathi1970From foundry types
705MalayalamOriginal Drawings
706OriyaFrom original drawings
707Urdu BoldWithdrawn in 19661962Derived from Series 507
708xTamil Medium1968From foundry types
709Microgramma Condensed1967Alessandro Butti & Aldo Novarese (Nebiolo)
710Microgramma1967Alessandro Butti & Aldo Novarese (Nebiolo)
711Microgramma Bold1967Alessandro Butti & Aldo Novarese (Nebiolo)
712Eurostile Extended1967Aldo Novarese (Nebiolo)
713Eurostile Bold Extended1967Aldo Novarese (Nebiolo)
714Trianon Outline1972Heinrich Wieynck (Bauer)
715Koren Hebrew Book Face1970Deberny & Peignot
716Koren Hebrew Bold1970Deberny & Peignot
717Bruce Old Style1969Lanston Monotype No.31
718Grotesque Condensed Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 318
719Arabic Naskh1965Derived from Series 549
720Melior1970Hermann Zapf
722Optima1969Hermann Zapf
723Binny Old Style1969Lanston Monotype No.21
724Times Condensed1971
725Times Bold Condensed1971
726Telugu Bold1967Derived from Series 626
727Times New Roman (Light Caps)Roman1955
728Sistina1971D. Stempel AG
729Arabic Naskh Bold1967Derived from Series 719
730Melior SemiUBold1970Hermann Zapf
731Devanagari: Univers Medium1973Adrian Frutiger
732Optima SemiUBold1969Hermann Zapf
733Hebrew: Alachsoni1969
734Hebrew: Dak Jerushalmi1969
735Hebrew: Ave Jerushalmi1969
736Hebrew: Dak1969
737Hebrew: Ave1969
738Armenian BoldUnknown
739Spartan Light Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 139
740Spartan Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 140
741Spartan Bold Upright (Greek)1959Derived from Series 141
742Vijapure Devanagari1971G.P. Vijapure
743Vijapure Devanagari Bold1971G.P. Vijapure
744Focus1970Donald Hailey
745Neographik1970Robert Barbor
746Windsor1971Stephenson Blake
747Photina1971Jose Mendoza y Almeida
748Photina SemiUBold1971Jose Mendoza y Almeida
749Arabic1966Derived from Series 549
750Folio Light1972Konrad F. Bauer & Walter Baum
751Folio Medium1972Konrad F. Bauer & Walter Baum
752Folio Medium Extended1972Konrad F. Bauer & Walter Baum
753Caledonia1972William Addison Dwiggins
754Caledonia Bold1972William Addison Dwiggins
755Devanagari Italic1966Derived from Series 155
756Spectrum SemiUBoldRoman and Italic1972In house (After Jan Van Krimpen)
757Century Old Style1972American Type Founders
758UrduInverted, Reverse Standard1976Derived from Series 507
759Arabic Bold1966Derived from Series 649 & 749
760Bodoni Bold TitlingRoman1963Derived from Series 260
761Compacta Light1972Letraset
763Compacta Bold1972Letraset
764Helvetica Light1975Max Miedinger (Stempel/Linotype)
765HelveticaRoman and Italic1972Max Miedinger (Stempel/Linotype)
766Helvetica MediumRoman and Italic1972Max Miedinger (Stempel/Linotype)
767Old Bulgarian: Slawjanski1977
768Urdu BoldInverted, Reverse Standard1976Derived from Series 707
769Chemical Formulae1968To match Series 327
770Sinhalese1973Derived from Series 577
771Sinhalese Bold1972Derived from Series 657
772Arabic: Koufi Bold1970
773Plantin LightRoman and Italic1970
774Souvenir Light1975Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
775Souvenir Medium1975Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
776Souvenir Demi1975Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
777Souvenir Bold1975Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
778American Typewriter Light1975Joel Kaden (I.T.C.)
779American Typewriter Medium1975Joel Kaden (I.T.C.)
780American Typewriter Bold1975Tony Stan (I.T.C.)
781American Typewriter Light Condensed1975Joel Kaden (I.T.C.)
782American Typewriter Medium Condensed1975Joel Kaden (I.T.C.)
783American Typewriter Bold Condensed1975Tony Stan (I.T.C.)
784Arabic NaskhInverted, Reverse Standard1978Derived from Series 719
785Victor Clark Facesee Coronet, reUusedUnknownVictor Clark
786Coronet BoldUnknownLudlow
786Victor Clark Face Boldsee Coronet Bold, reUusedUnknownVictor Clark
787Kannada SemiUBold1971
788Kannada Bold1968
789Tiffany Light1976Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
790Tiffany Medium1976Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
791Tiffany Demi1976Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
792Tiffany Heavy1976Edward Benguiat (I.T.C.)
793Serif Gothic Light1976Herb Lubalin & Toni di Spigna (I.T.C.)
794Serif Gothic Regular1976Herb Lubalin & Toni di Spigna (I.T.C.)
795Serif Gothic Bold1976Herb Lubalin & Toni di Spigna (I.T.C.)
796Serif Gothic Extra Bold1976Herb Lubalin & Toni di Spigna (I.T.C.)
797Serif Gothic Heavy1976Herb Lubalin & Toni di Spigna (I.T.C.)
798Serif Gothic Black1976Herb Lubalin & Toni di Spigna (I.T.C.)
799Zapf Book Light1976Hermann Zapf (I.T.C.)
800Zapf Book Medium1976Hermann Zapf (I.T.C.)
801Zapf Book Demi1976Hermann Zapf (I.T.C.)
802Zapf Book Heavy1976Hermann Zapf (I.T.C.)
80320th Century Medium Condensed1978Lanston Monotype No.608
804Arabic Naskh BoldInverted, Reverse Standard1978Derived from Series 729
805Calvert Extra Light1979Margaret Calvert
806Calvert Light1979Margaret Calvert
807Calvert Medium1979Margaret Calvert
808Calvert Bold1979Margaret Calvert
809Calvert Extra Bold1979Margaret Calvert
810BiffoUnknownDavid Marshall
811Gauthiers TypefaceUnknownImprimerie Nationale
812Armenian Arrarat1978
813Armenian Arrarat Bold1978
814Nimrod1980Robin Nicholas
815Arabic: SaraUnknownAhmed Ali
816Arabic Naskh AbridgedInverted, Reverse StandardUnknownDerived from Series 749
817Arabic ASV Codar LightUnknownLakhdar
818Arabic ASV Codar SemiUBoldUnknownLakhdar
819News Plantin1979In house, The Observer
820News Plantin Bold1979In house, The Observer
821Helvetica Condensed1979Letraset, Haas
822Helvetica Bold1979Letraset, Haas
823Helvetica No.2 Bold Condensed1979Letraset, Haas
824Helvetica Extra Bold1979Letraset, Haas
825Cooper Black1979Letraset, American Type Founders
826Arabic Naskh Bold AbridgedUnknownDerived from Series 759
827Times New Roman (French)Roman and Italic1955
828Helvetica Compact1979Letraset, Haas
829Palace ScriptUnknownDerived from Series 429
830Chinese: Hong Kong OriginalsUnknown
831Arabic Newstext (Akhbar)UnknownIn house
832Nimrod Bold1982Robin Nicholas
833Engravers Old English1980American Type Founders
834Times Extra BoldUnknown
835Brush Script1980American Type Founders
836Helvetica Bold Extended1980Max Miedinger (Stempel/Linotype)
837Excelsior1980Chauncey H. Griffith (Linotype)
838Excelsior Bold1980Chauncey H. Griffith (Linotype)
839Candida1980Ludwig & Mayer
840Candida Bold1980Ludwig & Mayer
841Candida SemiUBold1982Ludwig & Mayer
842Candida CondensedUnknownReserved
843Candida Bold CondensedUnknownReserved
844Neuzeit S1980Berthold
845Neuzeit S Bold1980Berthold
846Helvetica Medium Extra Condensed1980Haas
847Helvetica Medium Extended1980Haas
848Helvetica Extended1980Haas
849Photina Bold1982Jose Mendoza y Almeida
850Univers Bold Extra Condensed1980In house (After Adrian Frutiger)
851Arabic Akhbar BoldUnknownDerived from Series 831
85220th Century Bold Condensed1980Lanston Monotype No.612
853Palatino1982Hermann Zapf
854Palatino Bold1982Hermann Zapf
855Devanagarifor Filmsetter1971In house
856Devanagari Boldfor Filmsetter1971In house
857Lightline Gothic1982American Type Founders
858Helvetica Compressed1981Haas
859Arabic AssabahUnknownAssabah
860Arabic Assabah BoldUnknownAssabah
861Avant Garde Gothic Extra Light1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
862Avant Garde Gothic Book1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
863Avant Garde Gothic Medium1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
864Avant Garde Gothic Demi1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
865Avant Garde Gothic Bold1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
866Avant Garde Gothic Book Condensed1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
867Avant Garde Gothic Medium Condensed1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
868Avant Garde Gothic Demi Condensed1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
869Avant Garde Gothic Bold Condensed1981Herb Lubalin (I.T.C.)
870Sinhalese Italicfor FilmsetterUnknownDerived from Series 698 & 770
871Egyptienne Bold CondensedUnknownReserved
872Clearface Regular1981International Typeface Corporation
873Clearface Bold1981International Typeface Corporation
874Clearface Heavy1981International Typeface Corporation
875Clearface Black1981International Typeface Corporation
876Windsor Elongated1981Letraset
877Bookman Medium1981International Typeface Corporation
878Helvetica Extra Compressed1981Haas
879Bookman Bold1981International Typeface Corporation
880Bookman Demi1982International Typeface Corporation
881Bookman Light1982International Typeface Corporation
882Helvetica InseratUnknownStempel Haas
883Grotesque Black1981Derived from Series 680
884UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
885Univers Light Upright (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
886UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
887UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
888UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
889Univers Medium Upright (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
890Univers Medium Condensed Upright (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
891UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
892UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
893Univers Bold Upright (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
894UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
895UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
896UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
897UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Upright
898Helvetica Ultra Compressed1982Haas
899Helvetica Medium Condensed1982Haas
900Helvetica Bold Condensed1982Haas
90120th Century Ultra Bold1982Lanston Monotype No.609
90220th Century Extra Bold Condensed1982Lanston Monotype No.609
90320th Century Ultra Bold ExtendedUnknownReserved
904Korinna1981International Typeface Corporation
905Korinna Bold1981International Typeface Corporation
906Korinna Extra Bold1982International Typeface Corporation
907Korinna Heavy1982International Typeface Corporation
908Clearface Gothic DemiUBold1982American Type Founders
909Clearface Gothic Bold1982American Type Founders
910Futura LightUnknownReserved
911Futura BookUnknownReserved
912Futura MediumUnknownPaul Renner
913Futura DemiboldUnknownPaul Renner
914Futura BoldUnknownPaul Renner
915Futura CondensedUnknownReserved
916Futura Bold CondensedUnknown
917ClarionUnknownDerived from Series 814
918Clarion BoldUnknownDerived from Series 832
919Egyptienne F.UnknownAdrian Frutiger
920Egyptienne F. BoldUnknownAdrian Frutiger
921Egyptienne F. BlackUnknownReserved
922Helvetica Bold OutlineUnknownfor Moores Business
923Hungry Dutch2020Russell Maret
923Icone LightUnknownReserved
924IconeUnknownAdrian Frutiger
925Icone BoldUnknownAdrian Frutiger
926Icone Extra BlackUnknownReserved
927Times Small AdsUnknownDerived from Series 327
92820th Century Semi MediumUnknownLanston Monotype No.609
929Prestige Elite (IBM)Unknown
930MeridienUnknownAdrian Frutiger
931Meridien MediumUnknownReserved
932Meridien BoldUnknownAdrian Frutiger
933Horley Old Style Semi BoldUnknownDerived from Series 199
934Arial LightUnknownReserved
935Arial MediumUnknownRobin Nicholas & Patricia Saunders
936Arial Semi BoldUnknownRobin Nicholas & Patricia Saunders
937Arial BoldUnknownReserved
938Arial Extra BoldUnknownRobin Nicholas & Patricia Saunders
939Courier 10 pitchUnknown
940Courier 12 pitchUnknown
941Futura Extra BoldUnknownPaul Renner
942Futura BlackUnknownPaul Renner
943Arial Light CondensedUnknownReserved
944Arial Medium CondensedUnknownReserved
945Arial Semi Bold CondensedUnknownReserved
946Arial Bold CondensedUnknownReserved
947Courier 12 pitch ItalicUnknown
948Nimrod HeadlineUnknownRobin Nicholas
949Nimrod Headline BoldUnknownRobin Nicholas
950Photina Extra BoldUnknownJose Mendoza y Almeida
951AsterUnknownFrancesco Simoncini
952Aster BoldUnknownFrancesco Simoncini
953Arial Light ExpandedUnknownReserved
954Arial Medium ExpandedUnknownReserved
955Arial Semi Bold ExpandedUnknownReserved
956Arial Bold ExpandedUnknownReserved
957Old StyleUnknown
961Canterburysee Ciantoria (reUnamed)Unknown
966Helvetica Medium OutlineUnknownLetraset
967Helvetica Light CondensedUnknownHaas
968CoronaUnknownChauncey H. Griffith (Linotype)
969Corona BoldUnknownChauncey H. Griffith (Linotype)
970Bembo SemiUBoldUnknownDerived from Series 270
971Antique Olive LightUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
972Antique Olive NormalUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
973Antique Olive Semi BoldUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
974Antique Olive BoldUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
975Antique Olive CompactUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
976Antique Olive CondensedUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
977Antique Olive Bold CondensedUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
978Antique Olive ExtendedUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
979Antique Olive BlackUnknownRoger Excoffon (Fonderie Olive)
980Bembo ExtraUBoldUnknownDerived from Series 270
981Oron Medium (heb)Unknownfor IBM
982Oron Bold (heb)Unknownfor IBM
983Helvetica Light ExtendedUnknownHaas
98420th Century Ultra Bold CondensedUnknownLanston Monotype No.609
985Univers Light Inclined (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
986UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
987UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
988UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
989Univers Medium Inclined (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
990UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
991UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
992UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
993Univers Bold Inclined (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
994UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
995UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
996Univers Extra Bold Inclined (Greek)UnknownDeberny & Peignot
997UnknownUnknownReserved for Univers Greek Inclined
998Hebrew: Ave BoldHeld in abeyanceUnknown
999Hebrew: Alachsoni BoldHeld in abeyanceUnknown
1000Nastaliq (ar)Unknown
a294Goudy Bold (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
HTitling (Caps)Roman