Mould series numbers

Monotype moulds were made to very tight tolerances (less than 0.000025″ – a quarter of a tenth of a thousandth of an inch), and each was individually numbered. The following is a list of the mould style and the series number groups.

Composition – Constant Height 100000
Composition – American Constant Height 200000
Composition – High Speed 300000
Large Composition – 14/24pt or D S
Split fraction – 4/6pt
Quad and Space
Duplex High Quad S
Duplex Low Quad S
Triplex S
Palace Script 72000
Lead and Rule – 1½/3pt 90000
Lead and Rule – 6/12pt 90000
Lead and Rule – 1/3pt 77000
Lead and Rule – 4/18pt 76300
Display – 14/36pt S
Display – 14/36pt 72000
Display 42/72pt 74000
Furniture – 24/72pt 78000